Smoke & Vapour

Created by zzkt

Associated Methods: smoking vapour
Recipes: Smoked quail eggs with herbal mayonnaise Smoked potato skins Peppers in granular dust Nutty crackers and steamed orange syrup Sparkling water with smoked ice cubes Smoky mate Herbal water Herbal water (pesto problem)
Ingredients: quail eggs black tea leaves apple wood chips u'chicken egg yolks' u'mustard' u'lemon juice' u'salt' u'peanut oil' u'fresh parsley' u'fennel'] white potatoes u'sunflower oil for frying' u'paper kitchen towel' u'smoking chips (oak and maple)'] 2 white potatoes salt sunflower oil for frying paper kitchen towel smoking chips (oak and maple) smoking chips (oak and maple)'] [u'popping sugar' u'sweet peppers' u'Dijon mustard' u'smoked sun-dried tomatoes' u'cherry wood chips' u'hazelnuts' u'almonds' u'pistachios' u'sesame seeds' u'chia seeds' u'hemp seeds' u'blue thyme'] Crackers with smoked pistachios Steamed carrot and orange syrup sparkling water still water cherry wood chips water yerba mate lemon Ginger agave syrup mesquite wood chips

An evening dedicated to a degustation of smoke and vapour – the etherial phases of water and fire, infused in a select seasonal cuisine drawn from garden, forest and sea. A synaesthetic experiment where eating and breathing, food and sound commingle and dissolve. What does a smoked mushroom taste like when served on a cloud of rustling polyphony? What sound does a herbal infusion make while evaporating from a hot stone? In Smoke & Vapour, we explore sound composition and live improvisation as an integral part of a vegetal menu.