Smoky mate

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Associated Cuisines: Smoke & Vapour
Associated Methods: boil tea slice smoke
Ingredients: water agave syrup lemon mesquite wood chips yerba mate Ginger

The taste of mate is slightly smoky, as the leaves of yerba mate are smoke-dried. As it is a potent stimulant (for some it works better than coffee), we served mate as an aperitif accentuated with smoked wood and agave syrup originating from the same continent.

Recipe Steps

1. 1/2 litre boiling water 2 teaspoons yerba mate (cold, smoke-dried) splash of lemon (to taste) a few slices of ginger (to taste) agave syrup (we used some that was smoked over volcanic rocks in Oaxaca) mesquite wood chips Wet the mate with cold water, strain. Add ginger and pour boiling water over the herbs. Infuse for 5–6 minutes. When it cools to about 50°C add agave syrup and lemon to taste. Smoke the tea with mesquite chips using the smoking gun and reserve in the fridge. You can sparkle the tea if so desired.
Ingredients: water yerba mate lemon Ginger agave syrup mesquite wood chips