Solitary Immersion

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Associated Cuisines: [u'Smoke & Vapour']
Associated Methods: [u'combine']
Ingredients: Atlas cedar smoke Warm pebbles Cobblestones in fragrant steam Herbal water Steamed tea Smoked mussel consomme Algal reminiscences from forest and sea

After half an hour of chatting and tasting, the head chef welcomes the guests and invites them to savour the evening and allow the hosts to guide them through the four 'movements'. One by one the guests are led by the waiters into the solitary space. When seated, they receive a herbal water palate cleanser and are left to enjoy the dim lighting and incense smoke. Once everyone has taken their places, the lights go out; the solitary space is dimly illuminated with twelve candles. The guests receive a small warm round pebble in their hands and are encouraged to close their eyes. After a few minutes, three large cobblestones are brought into the room in rugged metal containers. Boiling water infused with essential oils is poured over the hot stones, filling the air with fragrant vapour and the gentle sound of bubbling and hissing. The guests are left alone to sink deeper into the meditative atmosphere. After a few minutes, the first dish is served. Three rice cubes spiced with plant matter from the forest and the sea, Soft textures and tastes are punctuated with a salty zest of lemony raw samphire, all washed down with the fresh shadow grown gyokuro tea stalks. Next a warm broth is placed in the guests' hands. A hint of smoked mussels and beer lingers in clear warm water served in freshly baked bowls. All the while the sounds of water turning into steam emanate from tiny speakers spread on the ground and from a hurdy-gurdy plucked live somewhere far away…

Recipe Steps

1. Atlas cedar smoke,Herbal water,Cobblestones in fragrant steam,Warm pebbles,Algal reminiscences from forest and sea,Steamed tea,Smoked mussel consommé,
Ingredients: Atlas cedar smoke Herbal water Cobblestones in fragrant steam Warm pebbles Algal reminiscences from forest and sea Steamed tea Smoked mussel consomme