Herbal water (pesto problem)

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Associated Cuisines: Smoke & Vapour
Associated Methods: boil
Ingredients: water

After the strong tastes of the dishes in Arrival and Descent, we needed a light palate cleanser to prepare the taste buds for the subtle flavours of the courses in this movement. Herbal distillates, or what used to be called floral water, contain the essence of a plant's flavour and fragrance, soluble in water instead of oil. We chose sage and mint, both of which are known as physical and emotional purifiers, invigorated with a hint of lemon to keep the spirits up.

Recipe Steps

1. 1 dl boiled, cooled and filtered tap water 5 drops of sage flower water 2–3 drops of mint water 2–3 drops of lemon juice Boil tap water. Cool and filter to remove impurities. Add the other ingredients. Serve a mouthful in a small lab pipette.
Ingredients: water