Little Fires

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Associated Cuisines: open sauces
Associated Methods: Filter Funnel Spray
Ingredients: Mint Paan leaves Absinthe Orange blossom water

While the Open Sauces diners milled around after dinner drinking coffee (Feral Trade, Blue Mountain and Kopi Luwak), tea (Feral Trade, milky oolong, jasmin and osmanthus) and digestifs (calvados and grappas), we served petit fours along with two small, fiery things to stimulate the digestive combustion – a strong minty mouth freshener and aromatic oven-dried paan leaves – directly onto the diners’ tongues.

Recipe Steps

1. Chop mint leaves very finely. Put in a jar and cover with absinthe.
Ingredients: Mint Absinthe


2. Put on the lid without fully screwing it shut. Heat au bain-marie at 70°C for 1 hour. Filter into a clean jar through a coffee filter. Add orange blossom water to taste – a drop at a time, testing the result after every drop (if you add too much, it will taste too much like a perfume).
Ingredients: Orange blossom water


3. Funnel into small spray bottles and refrigerate until serving. To consume, the freshener is sprayed directly into the mouth. Indian paan leaves can be served alongside, to aid digestion.
Ingredients: Paan leaves