Peppers in granular dust

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Associated Cuisines: Smoke & Vapour
Associated Methods: smoking
Ingredients: u'Dijon mustard' [u'popping sugar' u'hemp seeds' u'sesame seeds' u'smoked sun-dried tomatoes' apple wood chips u'almonds' u'sweet peppers' u'chia seeds' u'cherry wood chips' u'blue thyme'] u'pistachios' u'hazelnuts'

This recipe was composed through a series of incremental tryouts and accidental discoveries. The pairing of peppers and popping sugar is most surprising, while apple wood and sun-dried tomatoes combine to make an almost meaty depth and 'savouriness'.

Recipe Steps

1. Dukkah dust handful of hazelnuts handful of almonds 1/2 handful pistachios 1/2 handful sesame seeds 1 teaspoon chia seeds 1 teaspoon hemp seeds 1 teaspoon blue thyme 1 teaspoon caraway seeds pinch of salt pinch of smoked paprika powder (spicy) apple wood chips Dukkah can be made several days in advance. Mix all ingredients and toast in the oven (under the grill) at 160ºC for 15-20 minutes. Blend with a grinder into a coarse powder. Smoke with the smoking gun using apple wood chips, then leave under the bell for about 10 minutes. If you don't want the dukkah to be very smoky, smoke only 1/2 or 1/3 of the mixture, then mix with the non-smoked portion. Smoked glue Dijon mustard with grilled spices smoked sun-dried tomatoes cherry wood chips Chop or grind the sun-dried tomatoes into tiny pieces. Smoke with the smoking gun using apple wood chips, leave under the bell for about 15 minutes. Before serving, combine the mustard with the smoked tomatoes. The glue should be easily 'smearable', so go easy on the tomatoes – they're also very salty, best to taste after adding a pinch, then decide how much more is needed. Peppers 6 small sweet peppers apple wood chips popping sugar Cut the peppers in half (if they are as small as the ones we used; otherwise into thin strips). Smoke the peppers with the smoking gun and apple wood for 2–3 minutes. Char the peppers on the 'skin' side using the kitchen 'flame thrower', or directly on the gas of the stove or wood fire, until the skin starts popping and charring. Briefly warm the inside of the peppers using the same technique. The inside of the pepper should still be rather crispy. Spread the smoked glue on the inside of the peppers and sprinkle generously with the dukkah. Just before serving, sprinkle a pinch of popping sugar on each pepper.
Ingredients: [u'popping sugar' apple wood chips u'sweet peppers' u'Dijon mustard' u'smoked sun-dried tomatoes' u'cherry wood chips' u'hazelnuts' u'almonds' u'pistachios' u'sesame seeds' u'chia seeds' u'hemp seeds' u'blue thyme']