Sparkling water with smoked ice cubes

9 Created by zzkt

Associated Cuisines: Smoke & Vapour
Associated Methods: freezing ice shake
Ingredients: sparkling water still water cherry wood chips

We liked the taste of smoked water, so the 'logical' next step was to try to freeze it. The ice doesn't smell smoked, but as it melts it releases the subtle smoky aroma which is only recognised as it reaches the back of the tongue.

Recipe Steps

1. 1 litre sparkling water (or use a soda maker to carbonate plain water) 1 litre still water cherry wood chips Pour the sparkling or filtered tap water into a bottle. Insert the tube of the smoking gun into the bottle (try to seal it completely so not much smoke goes out). Smoke the water with cherry wood chips for about a minute. Close the water bottle with an airtight lid. Shake well, several times over the next 30 minutes. Pour the water into ice cube moulds and freeze overnight. The smoky taste is quite light and only becomes apparent as the ice cubes start melting.
Ingredients: sparkling water still water cherry wood chips